An Oklahoma City Adoption Agency Offers Two Main Forms of Open Child Adoption

There has been a strong trend toward open adoption of children over the years because of the various advantages for both the biological parents and young people. An Oklahoma City Adoption can help birth mothers arrange an open adoption with adoptive parents who are accepting of this kind of program. Some hopeful individuals and couples are wary at first of open adoption. However, because of long waits to bring a baby or child into the home, they begin to see this is a suitable option for their family.

In general, two types of open adoption are available: fully and partially open. In a fully open child adoption, the birth mother or both biological parents have direct contact with the adoptive parents. In a partially open arrangement, the Oklahoma City adoption agency acts as a mediator. The birth mother may have direct contact with the child through personal visitation, phone or video chat, but these sessions are arranged by the agency and may be supervised as well.

Open adoptions became more common as adult children who had been adopted increasingly tried to search for their birth mother. This did not have to indicate any trouble within the adoptive family, but rather a longing to connect with the person who had given them life. The proliferation of the Internet made these searches more successful. It also has generated renewed interest in genetic family trees and family history, something an adopted individual previously had no access to. In addition, it became clearer over time that having an ongoing updated medical history would be a significant benefit in a person’s life rather than having that information be unavailable.

Adoptive and biological parents have found that eliminating the secrecy that was intrinsic to closed adoptions has distinct advantages. Children are not left wondering whether the birth mother had no interest in them and abandoned them without much concern. A pregnant woman who is interested in open adoption, as well as people who would love to legally adopt a child into the family, may be interested in an organization such as Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care. Contact us to learn more.