Helpful Tips to Maintain Your RV

Do you love your RV? If so, taking some time to do a few preventive tasks can pay off down the road. While you may have the RV extended warranty, preventing problems is always best. Keep reading to learn some tips about how to properly maintain your RV to keep it in top performing condition.

Proper Lubrication

If you want to keep all your sliders, locks, hinges and anything else that moves working smoothly, you need to make sure they are lubricated on a regular basis. A great option is to use dry silicone lube because it doesn’t attract dirt and will work on virtually any application. Keep in mind, an RV extended warranty won’t usually cover these parts of your RV, which means it’s up to you to ensure they are properly cared for.

Tighten Everything

Your RV is essentially a house on wheels. It’s exposed to bumps, bangs and shakes each time you take it on the road. This means things are going to start coming loose. Every now and then, you need to use a wrench and screwdriver to tighten everything back down. This small, preventive maintenance task can help you save big. Make sure you pay close attention to anything that’s attached to the outside of the RV that may fly off while you’re going down the road.

There’s no question investing in the RV extended warranty can give you peace of mind. However, make sure you take steps to safeguard your RV as well.

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