Getting Ready For Moving Day With Cross Country Movers In Atlanta

When you are packing the contents of your home, there are some important techniques and strategies you can use to not only make things easier for you for unpacking, but also make it easier for your cross country movers.

In Atlanta, the top companies offering moving services out of the city to any destination in the US will provide you with information on best packing practices. It is more than just a good idea to follow these guidelines, in fact, it may eliminate the concerns you may have for breakage and damage of your possessions even for very long trips.

Know what is Restricted or Prohibited on the Truck

For insurance purposes, as well as for legal requirements, there are very clear restrictions or prohibited items for any cross country movers. There are also things that movers won’t put on their vehicles, such as houseplants because they are very likely to be damaged in transit or to cause damage to other items.

Examples of prohibited items in packages or on the truck at all include:

 * Flammable liquids such as gas, diesel, cleaning fluids, paints and other similar materials
 * Ammunition and firearms (may be prohibited or not recommended)
 * Fireworks or other types of explosives
 * Welding supplies such as oxygen tanks, propane tanks or butane
 * Poisons or corrosive materials

Trying to put these items in a box and ship them labeled as something else can completely void any insurance coverage you may have, and it may result in further complications.

Packing Strategies

Besides knowing what not to pack, it is also important to know how to pack what you are moving. Look through the information provided by your cross country movers or go online and check out some of the YouTube and other videos provided by cross country movers to learn the basics.

A quick summary of good packing practices include:

 * Use good quality boxes and not old boxes that are not stable or sturdy
 * Don’t over-pack boxes
 * Use adequate packing for breakable items, box breakables together and clearly label them as such
 * Avoid packing items that cannot be replaced such as photograph albums, legal documents and items of high sentimental value.
 * Avoid packing high-value items such as jewelry or coin collections, rather ship them insured or transport them yourself

Additionally, make sure you clearly label all boxes as to the room they need to go into at the destination. This helps the next team of cross country movers to unpack items into your new home and have them in the right place. Remember, the crew that packs and loads your Atlanta home will not be the same moving team that unpacks.