Get Reliable And Professional Bees Control Services In Alexandria, VA

There are many types of pests that can cause problems on an Alexandria homeowner’s property. One of the most common are bees, which will like to set up hives in the roofing of homes, verandas, sheds, and any other places with dark over hanging structures. Bees are an essential part of nature, and many can be used for the production of honey if trapped safely and removed to a new location. In most cases, pest control services would rather safely trap bees than exterminate them like other insects they encounter in customer’s homes.

When dealing with the safe removal of bees, it is often best for homeowners to rely on professional Bees Control Services in Alexandria VA. They will have the right tools and experience for the job at hand. The safe removal of bees, for instance, makes use of unique tools that usually will not be found in use for other pest control methods. In most cases, professional Bees Control Services in Alexandria VA will utilize a customized vacuum system to suck the bees up safely from the area and store them for transport. To ensure the bees will be cooperative, they will usually use a mild gas or smoke system that can be sprayed towards their nests to distract them and make it easier to use the vacuum system on.

Once the occupants of the hive are collected, the next step will be for the Bees Control Services in Alexandria VA to remove the hive itself. This may involve minor destruction of the structure the bees have created their hive in. Honey comb hives can often be big, but easy to pull apart once discovered. The hives will be stored in boxes for transport as well, for reassembly at the location the bees will be taken to. This helps reduce the shock of their change in location, by giving them a familiar feeling of their hive when they arrive at their new home. Many companies, like Pest Management Services, will already have a bee keeping location to relocate bees to, which will give them a new purpose producing local honey in most cases.