Finding Reliable Dental Implant Services in Salisbury NC

For many specialists, the appearance and use of dental implants have profoundly changed the field of dental surgery. Dental Implant Services in Salisbury NC provide a solid solution for patients who may not have a long-term solution. This article will try to explain all the benefits of dental implants so that you better understand why this technique provides an incomparable result that makes all the difference for the comfort of the patient.

Preservation of bone capital

Dental implants are designed to replace one or more teeth as an alternative to dentures or bridges. These two techniques have the main disadvantage of not reproducing proper jaw structure. Dentures rest on the jaw bone and on the palate, but does not reproduce all the mechanical stresses that a tooth prints on the jaw bone.

This issue has a major drawback since it will cause jaw deterioration, something that will gradually disappear and cause major problems. On the contrary, dental implants mimic the root of a real tooth that will serve as an anchor for a prosthesis. This root reproduces all the mechanical constraints of a real tooth, which will help maintain and ensure the sustainability of bone capital.

Implant have a long shelf life

Preserving bone capital also has a direct influence on the lifespan of the “prosthesis” used to replace a lost tooth. When using a bridge or a denture, the jawbone will gradually disappear. However, this bone loss will require the patient to re-cut and rework the prosthesis regularly.

Dental Implant Services in Salisbury NC do not require adaptation over time. It works like a real tooth, and most implants that were put in place about twenty years ago are still in place right now. To prove this strength and longevity, some of the implants offered are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Comfort and aesthetic results

Dental implants bring a real plus to patients by behaving like the root of a real tooth. Patients will be able to continue to eat a varied diet as if they had no dental problems to begin with. In addition, they will be able to display a dentition with a perfectly normal appearance that will allow them to smile to the fullest without encountering problems. Visit us for more information.