3 Times a Window Screen Replacement Was Necessary

Repairing window screens is easy when you’re dealing with holes and tears that are only about 3 inches in diameter. Done right, the patch won’t even be visible, says HomeTips. However, these types of repairs will only go so far. If you end up dealing with the following problems, then your best move is to hire a contractor for window screen replacement in Walnut Creek:

Torn screens

Huge tears in your screen can only mean one thing: you’ll need to have it replaced. Patching up those tears will leave you with a shoddy sight of patches. If you want pleasing results, then better to toss your old screens for new ones.

Rusty screens

If your screens are already riddled with rust and are brittle, that means it’s been exposed to the elements for much too long. You’ll be better off when you put in new screens in place. It’s also going to look so much nicer.

Dusty screens

If your screens have been there for years and are already clogged with dirt and dust, that’s more than enough reason to go for a window screen replacement in Walnut Creek. Those clogged screens probably aren’t doing a good job of filtering out the dust and debris in your home anyway. By clearing those clogged screens out, you could look forward to better indoor air quality.

Don’t DIY it

If you have the proper tools, inclination and plenty of time on your hands, then replacing this on your own should be a breeze. However, if you lack all those things and you want an easy and convenient solution instead, then hiring a contractor to replace the screens for you makes for a much better idea. That way, you won’t have to worry that you’re getting it wrong or that you’ll end up with ugly patches on your screens.