Factors Before Choosing a Boutique Commercial Firm

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Attorney

A boutique commercial law firm in Singapore can help you with your case. But with plenty of options, finding one that hits the mark can be a struggle. Consider the following factors before choosing a law firm to represent you.

Size of the Firm

A newly launched company may only have a single legal advocate or advisor. If your case is complicated, you’re in better hands if you hire a law firm with years of experience representing clients in criminal cases. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a new or young firm. However, they may not have the resources and established relationships that can help you with your case.

Legal Expertise

Find a lawyer with considerable legal experience and expertise. Someone who has worked on these cases for years has insight into building the best possible defence. They know the nuances to watch out for, the signs, and they can put in measures to ensure their clients get the best possible outcome, whether that means reduced penalties or ensuring the court downgrade a jail time ruling to community service.

Terms of Engagement

Be clear about the services that you can expect from the law firm. When they offer you a quote, ask what it covers. Some of the tasks or services you may expect may not be included, so sort that out with the firm before moving forward with the relationship.

Financial Terms

Talk about the fees. Are there any hidden costs? You’ll want to get those surprise costs out of the way. Also, a reputable law firm is transparent with its charges, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Understand the financial terms. Find out what payment methods are acceptable. Some law firms charge by the hour, some after the case, and some are on retainer. Discuss the conditions before agreeing to the financial terms.

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