Experience Comedy Theater

Hands down everyone should experience comedy theater at least once, although once you do, you will be back, it will become a habit. If you are going to be in Chicago or you already live in Chicago there is a comedy theater that you must experience. Not seeing a show here, is like going to NYC and not seeing the Empire State Building or going to Orlando and not visiting Disney. It is that big a deal. It is a sure fire, should be on your bucket list, thing to do.

The Experience

What makes for an experience that you can’t get at home? Most areas have a comedy club or a theater somewhere nearby so what would compel you to make sure you visit this theater above all others when you are in Chicago? How about:

   * Historical significance
   * Added value opportunities like a workshop
   * The funniest shows anywhere
   * Legendary performers (or soon to be legendary)

If you must pinpoint the most important reason to take the time to experience this theater it would have to be because it is historically significant to the entertainment industry in more ways than one. How often can you visit a space where literally 100’s of famous entertainers have performed, studied and got their start? Not very often likely.

Take a Workshop

This theater offers workshops for budding performers of all ages. Kids workshops and adult workshops are available throughout the year. Bet you can’t do that at home!

It is Funny

This theater is well-known for their productions because they are wildly entertaining and funny.  It is well worth the cost of the ticket and they offer date night deals!

You must live it at least one time, Second City, it’s an experience that you will always remember and that you cannot have anywhere else! Get your tickets!