Breezeway Fencing Can Be Custom-built

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Fence Contractor

You may have noted that the breezeway is enjoying a comeback. Defined by a staple of linked buildings, the breezeway has long been used, traditionally, to join buildings or structures via an open-sided and roofed area. The area in-between permits structures to receive both breezes and shade.

A Breezeway Fence for a Summer Home

A breezeway featured at a summer home may connect a private suite of bedrooms with a shared living space. This type of building configuration allows for air circulation, privacy, and an intervening porch-like space. What enhances the desirability of this design is breezeway fencing.

A Custom-built Iron Fence

Companies, such as Tim’s Fences, offer an array of styles of fencing, including breezeway fences. This type of fence can be custom-built and looks great when made with ornamental iron. You can also purchase ornamental iron accessories.

A Touch of Elegance

Not only will breezeway fencing increase your security, but it will also add a touch of elegance if it is made of iron. Some of the add-ons for this type of fence include finials, scrolls, puppy bars, rings, ball caps and tops, locks and levers, and gravity latches.

A Secure and Aesthetic Choice in a Fence

You can secure your breezeway, your yard, or your business, with this beautiful fencing upgrade. Not only does an iron fence keep you safe, but it also enhances the looks and features of your landscape.

Western Red Cedar

If you want added privacy, you might consider a custom-made fence made of Western Red Cedar. This type of fence style comes in various grades. Clear Western Red Cedar is the best grade and features no knots in the wood. A #1-grade cedar has knots that are very tight and is the most common wood used. A #2-grade has knots that are looser, while a #3 grade cedar has a lot of knots and is simply not used by premium fence builders. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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