Do You Snore? 5 Ways to Stop It

About 45 percent of adults snore occasionally. If you’re part of that 45 percent and you’re looking for a snoring treatment in Arlington, here are a few options you can explore.

Try changing your sleeping position

Sleeping on your side may help reduce instances of snoring. You can use a full-length body pillow for support to ensure you’re comfortable. If you wake up and you’ve changed back into your usual sleeping position during the night, try taping tennis balls to the back of your PJs. That should stop you from lying on your back.

Go on a weight loss diet

Rolls of fat around your neck can contribute to your snoring problems. Try to lose weight instead, the WebMD suggests. Without the extra weight around your throat, you won’t end up snoring in your sleep.

Ditch the alcohol

Taking alcohol and sedatives before going to bed affect the back of your throat and can trigger snoring. You’ll want to wait about four to five hours after drinking alcohol before you go to bed.

Go to bed at the same time

Going to bed at the exact time every night helps prepare your mind and body for sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, developing good sleeping habits can give you a relaxing shuteye.

Go to a dentist

If you’re tired of snoring and your methods don’t seem to be having any effect, then look for a dentist that offers snoring treatment in Arlington. If you can, find one that exclusively focuses on treatments for snoring and sleep apnea. That’s a good indication that the dental practice is the right place to seek advice and help.

Don’t ignore your snoring problems. Left attended, it could compromise the quality of your sleep, impair your concentration and focus as well as negatively impact your health in the long run.