4 Myths About Buying Used Servers, Busted

Thinking about buying used Sun servers for your company but unsure if the things you might have heard about buying used are true or false? Let’s clear the air so you can make a smart buying decision.

Used Servers are Old Equipment

They may seem like a logical deduction, but it’s untrue. The reason many businesses rotate out their old servers is simply that they have the policy to replace these units about every three years. Servers have a useful lifespan of five to ten years or even longer with proper care. This means that you aren’t getting old equipment, you’re just getting units that have already been tested and found to work perfectly!

I’ll Have to Replace them Again Soon

Again, this simply isn’t true. While there are always instances of servers failing for numerous reasons, these are relatively rare. Additionally, the server failure isn’t linked to the age of your unit; many servers that fail do so well before their warranty has even finished! The more likely scenario is that you will replace your used Sun servers in five to ten years’ time, simply because you’re growing and looking for newer technology. In the meantime, they will serve you well with regular updates and without major issues.

Used Equipment Doesn’t Always Work Well

Any time you buy used Sun servers, purchase them through a dedicated and reliable retailer of used network equipment. This way, you can ensure that every piece you’re shopping for has been thoroughly-inspected and is guaranteed to work properly.

The Cost Savings Aren’t Worth It

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes listed here. While cost savings will depend on a variety of factors – including brand, make and model, and other specifications about your equipment – you stand to save 25-50% or more on your hardware purchase when you shop used. When you’re looking at a major purchase or in need of multiple units, that kind of cost savings adds up quickly – and will make a huge difference in your company’s budget!