Do Not Ignore Problems with the Base of Your Residential or Commercial Property

It is important when you are building a residential or commercial building to form a strong and durable foundation to build on. A foundation is the part of a structure that connects the building to the ground providing the support required to take the load off the frame of the structure. It is vital to make sure this foundation does not suffer any damage or it can jeopardize the well-being of the whole building. If you suspect that you have foundation problems in Naples, you should contact an expert to have them inspect the groundwork. If you select to ignore the issues, you can find yourself with a costly mistake as more damage occurs to the building.

Seven Signs that Your Building has Foundation Complications

1. The walls have started to separate from the building.
2. Floors start to become uneven and may slope.
3. Molding around the home starts to crack or be displaced.
4. You can see cracks along the interior or exterior of bricks on the building.
5. There is a gap between the wall and the floor or ceiling of the structure.
6. Windows or doors start to stick or become hard to open or close.
7. The walls may start to bow or crack from the foundation being damaged

Contact a Knowledgeable and Experienced Foundation Contractor

If your building shows one or more signs of the foundation being compromised contact an expert to have the structure inspected. Ram Jack Solid Foundations has been providing their clients with exceptional service for over 48 years. Their skilled workers have the knowledge and experience you need to help determine if your foundation is damaged. They will work with you to find an affordable option to help secure the durability of your foundation.