Consider Wood Floors in NYC for Your Next Renovation

Homeowners take great pride in their property and make decisions that enhance its interior and increases its value. One area that is very popular when it comes to a renovation is the floors. Wood Floors in NYC have a higher value than carpeted floors for a number of reasons. Below is a closer look at those reasons and the benefits of having wood floors over floors that are carpeted.

Increase Value

One of the main reasons people choose Wood Floors in NYC is because it is an investment and they will recoup the money spent when the house is on the market in the future. Any time a homeowner does a renovation, they must think of it as an investment and what they would get out of it when they decide to sell the home and move on to something else. Wood floors are elegant and brighten up any room. Not only that, but they make a room seem larger than it actually is.

Easier To Maintain

Wood floors are easier to maintain than carpeted floors. Spills and dirt can be easily wiped and mopped off wood, whereas carpets take much scrubbing to remove any stains or dirt. Sometimes, spills such as red wine will settle into a light carpet and cannot be removed regardless of the scrubbing and chemicals used. Carpets also trap dust and allergens that can cause health problems for the family if the carpets are not taken care of properly and regularly.

Aesthetic Reasons

More often than not, wood floors are more beautiful and preferred over floors that are carpeted because wood floors are shiny and come in various finishes. It’s also easy to lay area rugs over the wood to created dimension and a layered look. Wood floors are also favored for families that own pets, as pets can have indoor accidents, and wood floors make the clean-up process much easier.

If in the market to renovate floors, check out New York Wood Flooring to learn more about the many options a homeowner has. Speak with a professional to get their opinion on the type and finish of flooring you should go with. From there, get any questions and concerns addressed so you can make an informed decision.