Avoid Water Problems Using Superior Roofing Repairs

Many commercial structures use the flat or low sloped roof to keep the rain away, but this may not be the best option. The typical, low sloped roof uses the BUR (Built-Up Roofing) method of covering the building. BUR uses a bitumen or tar based product to seal various layers of roofing felt which then keeps the water outside of the building. The actual structure begins with a single layer of decking to support the weight of the roof. The next step is a layer of roofing felt to cover said decking. The roofing felt is used to keep the bitumen or hot asphalt on top of the decking. When this type of roof fails, it is typically a leak from too much traffic on the rooftop, but this can be easily fixed with superior Roofing Repairs.

Alternatives to the BUR method exists. For instance, it is possible to use one of the several membranes for covering the roof, but the type of membrane used may depend on the building size and the climate. The first alternative that comes to mind is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). EPDM is a synthetic rubber that stretches over the top of the building. It does have one small concern, the membrane can shrink during cold weather which might cause a leak. Other membranes used for Roofing Repairs include the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) polymers.

These two polymers tend to be translucent, although, many of these products are never installed so that the light can be taken advantage of. However, TPO and PVC have a lot of other benefits. For example, a TPO roof is spliced together by welding the seams. This requires a robotic, polymer welding machine to ensure each seam is tight and waterproof. One benefit of placing a polymer product on the roof is the ease with which any roofing details can be sealed. The membrane is marked where the detail will be, and then the polymer is cut. This allows a tight fit around roofing details such as flashing or vents without a lot of excessive trimming. If a replacement roof is in the future, then it pays to consult with an expert like those working at Heparmer.com

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