Common Injuries Associated with Moving

Looking at new houses and dreaming about a lovely and exciting new life is a lot of fun. But once you make the decision to go ahead and move, you may not realize just what kind of Pandora’s box you just opened. You could go with a full service moving company in Chattanooga but many people want to cut costs and do the moving themselves. Before you make this decision, consider some of the most common injuries which occur while moving. This could make you reconsider professional help.

Back Strain

Because human beings walk upright, their spines are vulnerable to injury. Even professional athletes in excellent physical condition can end up with a back injury, so is it any wonder it is the biggest concern with do it yourself movers?

Why is it so easy to hurt your back moving? You are lifting and loading things not designed to be easily moved about. Most furniture does not have handles, for example. This may not be much of a problem for trained and experienced full service moving company employees in Chattanooga, but the average person knows very little about proper lifting techniques.

Hand and Foot Injuries

Even if you wear gloves, your hands are easy to injure while moving, because there are so many ways to hurt the hands. You could strain the wrist lifting or smash your hands into a wall or doorway while moving things. Hospital emergency rooms treat many broken finger patients each year and a lot of them have been moving.

Setting a large and heavy item on your foot is easy to do. Plus, you could trip or run your foot into something when you can’t see where you are going. Limited visibility can contribute to a host of serious injuries and they can be avoided when you use a professional full service moving company in Chattanooga.