3 Important Tips for Receiving Your Order

Once you have placed your order, handling and maintenance issues can make for a difficult time. Improper handling can result in considerable damage to your orders. The Aluminum Association says aluminum plants follow rules and practices to make working conditions as safe as possible.

Here are some of helpful safety tips for when you receive your aluminum alloy plate orders:


It would be best if you used a vacuum lifter to handle the plate. That way, you can prevent scratches from happening. The last thing you want is for any of the new items to get scratched or marked much too soon. This will also allow you to get a better handle on the material for transfers.


It would be better to move one skid at a time. Do not attempt to do it by batches. This could result in a great deal of surface damage. If you must move multiple skids at once, take the time to be sure that the stack of the skid is stable. It must be even as well as be on the same plane.


Water moisture has a bad effect on your aluminum, resulting in unsightly white blotches. This is why it is important to store the orders in a moisture-free environment. If there is any reason that the aluminum alloy plate orders you receive are exposed to moisture during the handling and moving process, make sure to dry them immediately before you put them in storage. Natural air driers will get the job done. You can also use a cloth to wipe away any excess moisture. This way, you can keep the material in prime condition.

These are just a few of the safety tips you should remember when you receive your order. With these tips, handling, moving and storage should be easier.