CNC Prototype Machining: An Accurate And Reliable Process

Today, almost all products begin with an idea. The designer than prepares some type of rendering. The next stage is to produce a prototype. While, currently, 3D printing seems to get all the press when it comes to this process, many manufacturers continue to rely on an older method. They believe CNC prototype machining to be the better way to go.

Aiming and Obtaining Accuracy and Tight Tolerances

CNC machining is a process featuring accuracy of design. It also renders precisely the tight tolerances demanded for components. Unlike with 3D printers, operators can select any type of material. The only stipulation – it must be durable enough to withstand machining. As a result, a CNC machining center can produce a prototype from:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Synthetics
  • Wood

Not only can machining create a prototype according to exacting specifications, but the result is also completely functional. This is but one of the advantages of CNC prototype machining.

A further advantage with CNC machining centers is what it gives to customers and machine shops alike. The process allows both parties to take part in a truly collaborative process. The designer and the machinist can extend the product development stage as necessary. They can stop, examine, test and make alterations as requisite, to ensure the prototype reflects the characteristics essential to making it viable. Alternatively, if the prototype does not require tinkering, indeed prove completely functional, there is no large gap between the production of the prototype and mass production.

CNC Prototype Machining

By combining the preciseness inherent in CNC technology with the capabilities of machining, machinists can produce complex parts with accuracy and tight tolerances. When applied to the production of prototypes, the result is a completely functional duplicate. CNC prototype machining provides companies with an accurate, precise, functional model – the ideal duplicate for testing whether their vision is an accurate and practical one.