Boutique Commercial Law Firm in Singapore |Definition, Types, and Benefits

The field of law is very wide and diverse, which is why it would be unsurprising if you have never heard of some of the niche sectors that operate in Singapore.

One such unique branch of law is boutique commercial law. This article will give you all the information you need about this particular type of law practice to help you decide whether it’s the right match for you.

What Is a Boutique Commercial Law Firm?

A boutique commercial law firm is a small practice, usually consisting of less than 20 attorneys that handles a particular niche of Singapore law. It differs from a regular law firm in the following aspects:

• Staff size
• Range of legal services
• Attorney experience
• Client Selection

Types of Boutique Commercial Law Firms

Boutique commercial law firms usually specialize in a single branch of the law. This means that each firm is easily distinguishable from another. The following are the common types of boutique law firms that can be found in Singapore:

• Technology and venture capital
• Tax
• Litigation
• Employment and labor
• Intellectual property
• Cooperate fraud

Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Commercial Law Firm

Hiring a boutique commercial law firm in Singapore may prove to be a wise decision, in some cases, rather than going for the larger firms. With a small law firm representing you, you can expect the following benefits:

• You get more attention from the lawyers
• The fees are usually cheaper
• All lawyers in a boutique commercial law firm are highly experienced in the one particular field you need assistance with
• The attorney-client-relationship is usually top-notch

If you want to experience the sort of specialized treatment that is only given by some of the best boutique commercial law firms in Singapore, give us a call and we will discuss your case during a free consultation.