Botox Treatment Options For The Face

If you are like most people, you have secretly thought about Botox treatments for the face. Most people have heard the horror stories and swear up and down they’ll never give it a try. However, more and more people understand the potential benefits of the toxin, especially when it is used correctly by a dermatologist or doctor.


Over time, your eyebrows can seem to droop downwards, making your eyes look small and pinched. Instead of shaping them differently, you may want to consider an injection to treat this problem and help boost them back into their natural position. It won’t take a lot of the injected material to boost them up, and then you will look younger and healthier again.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet are those annoying lines that stem from the outer corners of the eyes and underneath the eye. They are created by continuously squinting and even laughing. If you already have them or want to prevent them, Botox for the face can help. It will freeze those wrinkles and relax them out of the area, allowing you to look fresh.

Mouth Corners

Every mouth is different, but over time, the corners of the mouth can start pointing downward. While this may not look bad to others, you may notice the difference and wish for something to help. Now, you can lift those corners back up, giving your mouth a more confident look than ever before.

Frown Lines

Frown and worry lines are also an annoyance for most women. The frown lines form on your forehead when you frown. Over time, those lines will stay there and not go away. Worry lines are on the high part of your nose, between your eyes. When you squish your face down, they can appear. A simple injection can relax those lines out and allow you to look younger and beautiful.

Droopy Nose

As you get older, the skin on your nose starts to droop downwards. This can lead to a nose that looks out of shape or “off” in some way. Plumping up those areas will allow the nose to look more natural and how it was before.


Other options for this treatment include reducing underarm sweat, reducing migraines and more though a different procedure is used. You can also boost the neckline without surgery.

Botox for the face allows you to have a more youthful appearance that looks natural if done correctly. Visit Regency Medical Spa to learn more about the benefits or to schedule an appointment.