A Short List of the Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to have that old floor of yours replaced. Time takes its toll on all things, and the floors of your home are no exception. However before you immediately pick a new carpet or lay new tile, just take a minute to consider a new option. There is a style of flooring called Terrazzo that is highly durable and relatively inexpensive. It will last you for years before you’ll ever need to consider replacing it. Terrazzo flooring installation is one of the easiest out there. Your contractor will come with large sheets and take very detailed measurements of the area you intend to have covered. He can then cut it, right on the spot, for installation.

Benefits of Having a Terrazzo Covered Floor

There are several positives for having this style of flooring. Here is a small list to give you a good idea:

•  Large Tiles that are easy to cut: As mentioned before, these tiles come in large sizes that can be shaped and cut to almost any dimensions. The only limitation is on rounded edges.
•  Great for high foot traffic areas: You may not have a full house, but even laying some down by your doorways can make trekking in mud and grime a thing of the past.
•  Easy to maintain: Cleaning up these panels is as simple as a mop with some water and soap or detergent. And because the tile can be cut so large, it will mean less moldy or mildew areas to build up.
•  Very Customizable: There are several colorful options across a huge palette. Even if you do not find something you like, you have the option to design your own personalized version.
•  Environmentally friendly: These products are created from over 70% recycled materials.
•  Repairs are relatively simple: Repairing this type of floor isn’t difficult, but it can require some expertise. It’s best to ensure that whomever you get to fix your Terrazzo has a good understanding of its makeup.

When the time finally comes and you need to decide on what kind of floor to install in your home, you should seriously consider trying these polymer-based panels. They will last for years and give your home a certain degree of sophistication and elegance that your friends and family will not soon forget.