Bonding Is a Great Way to Hide the Minor Damage on Your Teeth

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Dental Health

If you have one or more damaged teeth, then it is time to visit Chicago dentists for an evaluation. A damaged tooth is unattractive, but it is also not healthy. When a tooth’s enamel is chipped or scratched, bacteria can enter the underlying materials, leading to a deep infection in the pulp, nerves or roots. Today, a dentist can fix a chip or scratch quickly by polishing the tooth or adding bonding substances to the damage. Having these tiny problems fixed right away can prevent additional health problems from infections that require root canals.

Request a Dental Crown for a Severely Damaged Tooth

When a tooth has severe problems such as a large cavity or damage from an accident, Chicago dentists can create a customized dental crown to cover the tooth. First, the infection or debris is removed from the tooth so that a dental crown will protect it from additional damage while you chew food. Most dental crowns are made from color-matching composite resins that will look natural inside your mouth while you are talking and smiling. With the proper care of  frequent brushing and flossing, a dental crown will last for many years.

Have Your Teeth Whitened at Our Dental Facility

While you may take good care of your teeth, you might develop deep stains in your dental enamel. The best way to eliminate the discolorations on your teeth is with a professional whitening process at a dental facility. Chicago dentists know how to protect your dental restorations during the whitening procedure, and in approximately 45 minutes, you will have whiter teeth. Contact Art of Modern Dentistry today at 773-935-3600, or you can visit our website for additional information about our services.

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