Why is Your Dentist Recommending Dental Implants in Agoura Hills, CA?

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Dentist

After confirming that the last of your natural teeth must go, your dentist wants to talk with you about potential replacements. While the final decision is yours, don’t be surprised if your dental professional recommends dental implants in Agoura Hills, CA for you. Here are some of the reasons why the dentist is likely to discuss this option with you at length.

One has to do with the condition of your gums. While your teeth were not that great, your gums are healthy and capable of supporting the implants with ease. Thanks to that factor, it makes sense that your dentist would want to ensure you know all there is to know about this option.

Another aspect has to do with how well your dentist knows your habits. Implants can be cared for much like natural teeth. Your dentist may feel that you’re more likely to brush regularly, use mouthwash, and even use special floss designed for use with implants regularly. Continuing what you already do rather than learning a whole new routine with dentures may be simpler.

Your dentist knows that you prefer longer-term solutions. There’s no doubt that a set of dental implants in Agoura Hills, CA are likely to outlast a set of dentures. With the latter, you may need to replace them after several years. The odds of needing to replace one or more implants are much lower.

When your dentist indicates that you’re a candidate for implants, listen closely. Ask any questions that are on your mind. There’s a good chance that you will agree this solution is right for you.

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