Benefits of Keeping your Heater in Good Repair

During the winter, having a well maintained heater is important. Without one, your family may have to suffer through some cold nights and even colder mornings! Ensuring your heater is in good working condition is as simple as contacting a company that specializes in heating and air conditioning repair in Jacksonville area. Not only can they inspect your unit and check for common issues, but they can also provide preventative maintenance before a minor issue becomes a major headache!

Twice Yearly Maintenance

It’s often agreed by professionals that your HVAC should be maintained twice a year. Usually just before the cooling season and just before the heating season. These inspections and maintenance calls will check over the unit inside and out to ensure there are no potential problems. If any issues are found at this time, repairs are usually minor and will cost very little. Additionally, those with gas furnaces should take regular maintenance seriously as the dangerous side effects of carbon monoxide can leak into the air inside your home.

Improve your Energy Efficiency

A well maintained HVAC unit not only heats or cools your home more thoroughly, but it also helps save on energy costs. During the inspection, your heating and air conditioning technician will check to be sure all moving parts are free of dust and debris. This can help keep the HVAC motor cool, thereby reducing the energy costs needed to run the unit. Additionally, some moving parts may need oiled or even adjusted. A unit that overheats trying to perform its job will not only poorly control the climate in your home or commercial building, but can also pose a potential fire safety risk. Overheating motors within the unit can cause sparks which may potentially lead to fires.

Save Money on Unnecessary Repairs

Preventative maintenance is a great way to get a handle on small issues before they become larger. For example, a bit of debris could have lodged itself in such a way that it prevents the movement of internal fans within the unit. If left unnoticed, this has the potential to cause larger issues such as motor failure or overheating in other areas. A licensed and trained maintenance technician has the experience necessary to notice these areas, see if there is a problem, and get it fixed quickly and easily before you are forced to replace the entire unit.