What To Expect During A Service Call From HVAC Contractors

When a homeowner calls for regular service from professional HVAC Contractors in Crestwood, it can provide them with peace of mind that their system will work efficiently throughout the summer months. Ideally, a person should schedule pre-season HVAC system service calls on a day that is over 65 degrees to achieve the best results. If any repairs are needed, then the job can be finished before extreme temperatures arrive.

However, there are still many homeowners who wonder what HVAC Contractors do during a service call. While each person may differ slightly, there are a few general services to expect.

Outside Inspection and Service

An HVAC technician will typically begin with the outside unit. They will perform various checks and maintenance on the exterior components of the system. During this part of the service, they connect gauges to the unit to ensure proper temperature and pressure. They will also clean the condenser fins and look for any debris that may have accumulated during the past season. Oil will also be added in the motor oil ports and the electrical connections will be examined for corroded or loose wires.

Inside Inspection and Service

Once the exterior part of the system is fully inspected, the contractor will move indoors. Here they will offer a number of additional checks to ensure the components are working properly. During this inspection, the unit will be checked and cleaned thoroughly for any signs of biological growth. After this, the filter will be checked and replaced, if necessary. They will check and calibrate the thermostat and check all the parts of the system. If a homeowner has a unit that is fueled by natural gas, they will check the gas connections. The condenser drain is going to be examined for any clogs since water backup can result in damage to the unit and even other parts of the home.

There is no question that HVAC service and repair is needed from time to time. Calling for this service before a problem arises will pay off in the long run. More information about HVAC service and maintenance can be found by visiting Harster Heating & Air Conditioning.