Bathroom Cabinetry Materials

If you are looking at bathroom cabinetry in Pittsburgh (or any other area across the country), it can be confusing trying to choose a style and design that suits your tastes; to add to the confusion, there are several different types of materials to choose from! Here are a few of the most popular cabinetry materials:

     *     Red Oak: This is a strong and durable material, and is relatively inexpensive. It features pronounced grain styles and is used in more traditional cabinetry styles.

     *     White Oak: This has a less pronounced grain and is a bit stronger than its red oak counterpart. This is generally only available as a custom option.

     *     Hickory: While lighter than oak it is very similar in regards to grain patterns. It is ideal for rustic style bathrooms and can be stained any color.

     *     Hard Maple: This light-colored wood can be stained any color but looks great when it is stained in a clear form. It is just as durable as oak, although is a bit more expensive.

     *     Cherry: This is a very durable substance that can withstand marring and knocks. This can be stained either light or dark to give a traditional or contemporary look to any bathroom.

     *     Birch: Slightly darker than maple, this is a very durable wood that is very cost efficient, without looking it.

     *     Ash: This is similar in durability and color to oak, but it has a more pronounced figure. It is typically used when a contemporary look is wanted.

     *     Pine: This is the only softwood species that is used in cabinetry, and can dent very easily. It is most often used to represent more traditional or country styles and can be stained in a variety of colors.

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