An Estate Planning Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA Can Make Sure Your Final Wishes Are Met

It does not matter where you live in California or your lifestyle, you should be aware of some of the basics of estate planning. Plus, if you want to avoid probate after your death, it is important to obtain the services of an attorney who practices this type of law.

Attorneys in California Charge a Fee for Probate Assets

In order to make the decision to obtain the services of an estate planning attorney in Santa Barbara easier, you need to know something about the compensation system for probate lawyers. Probate lawyers charge, as part of their fee, a percent of the gross value of the probate assets. Assets of this type are known as a probate estate.

The Types of Fees That Are Applied

So, if you want to make sure probate does not come up after your pass away, you need to contact an estate planning attorney now. For example, if the gross value of your estate in probate is $100,000, the probate attorney will usually receive 4%. He or she also generally receives 3% of the next $100,000 and 2% of the next $800,000, if it applies.

Contact an Attorney Now

While lawyers are not required to charge these types of percentages, they still do. After all, they want to become well-compensated for their work. So, if you want to avoid this type of process after you die, you need to consult with a Santa Barbara estate planning lawyer about your wishes now and not later.

Do you really want your estate to end up in probate? When you think about what will occur if you do not contact an estate planning attorney, you can create quite a burden on your family. Make sure your final wishes are met by taking the initiative and contacting an attorney who can help you in this respect.