An All Star Corporate Event Location for Your All Star Team- Black Bear Lake

Looking for a great space for corporate group outings in New Jersey? Black Bear Lake can provide the perfect space for your large or small corporate group outing or corporate picnic.

What makes Black Bear Lake unique among New Jersey’s outdoor corporate event locations? Variety. There are a number of great spaces out there that focus on a single event, but Black Bear Lake offers a huge variety of activities, so that there is something for every member of the team. This not only means that everyone can have a wonderful time, but also gives each team member a way to shine and thrive in their own element, making it easier for team members to really get to know each other at your corporate event.

Another bonus of Black Bear Lake is that it has a dedicated event planner, which can tailor your group outing to your specific group. In addition, the event planner means that you do not have to worry about coordinating multiple vendors to plan a great corporate outing. Instead, Black Bear Lake handles it all, from event planning to the in-house catering.

Some people wonder whether an outdoor corporate event can be right for everyone. However, New Jersey has some of the best outdoor weather in the United States, and the challenge of physical activities and teamwork possibilities in outdoor spaces are perfect to help create team bonds. Whether you are planning an employees-only corporate event or a larger corporate picnic with employees and their families, an outdoor space is perfect for your needs. At Black Bear Lake, you do not have to choose between rock climbing, soccer, outdoor laser tag, swimming, or any of our other activities; your team can do them all!