Advice Your Personal Injury Attorney is Likely to Provide

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury is difficult enough without complicating the process of seeking damages from the responsible party. That’s one reason most personal injury attorneys near Will County strongly suggest to clients that they take these three bits of advice to heart. Choosing to do so will minimize the potential for harming the case and increase the odds of receiving a settlement that’s fair.

Discuss Your Case With No One

The details surrounding your injury, subsequent treatment, and what your lawyer is doing should not be topics for discussion. Even if the questions are posed by close friends or relatives, keep the responses as vague as possible and never provide any real details. If necessary, simply say that you don’t want to talk about the situation until everything is resolved.

The goal is to prevent any seemingly innocent remark you make from harming the case. You can bet that the opposing party will use anything in an attempt to discredit the injury claim. When you say nothing to no one outside of your lawyer’s office, there is nothing to be used against you.

Refer All Requests For Information to Your Legal Counsel

There may be times when the responsible party or the opposing legal counsel reach out to you for some type of information. The premise may be that it would be quicker to do it that way. Whatever the nature of the request, reply that it should be directed to your lawyer. Clients who ensure all communications go through their personal injury attorneys near Will County are less likely to find that straightforward cases have turned into more complicated ones.

Tell Your Attorney Everything That You Remember

Something that seems to mean nothing to you could mean a great deal to your case. Instead of dismissing any details as not worth mentioning, tell your lawyer everything that you can remember. When clients do this, personal injury attorneys near Will County can sift through the data, decide what is relevant, and build a stronger case.

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