A Plumber in Reno Helps Customers Avoid These Myths and Mistakes

Most homeowners do not know much about plumbing maintenance, and it’s important for the uninformed to learn how to maintain the home’s pipes without damaging them. Read on to learn some common myths about home plumbing and which mistakes to avoid.

Lemons in the Garbage Disposal

While running lemon peels through the unit may make it smell better, it will not clean the disposal. For proper disinfection, a cleaning solution is needed. Before cleaning the unit, it should be disconnected from the power source. Spray the cleaner into the disposal, let it work, and use a brush to clear away any residue.

Running Water Helps the Waste go Down Smoothly

Many people think they can put whatever they want down the disposal as long as the water is running. However, some things just shouldn’t be put down the drain. Thick, hard food items like eggshells and banana peels can damage the unit leading to a need for professional repairs by a Plumber in Reno.

As Long as Water Goes Down the Drain, It’s Not Clogged

Even if the disposal is working, it may be in danger of a clog. A slow disposal or waste fragments in the discharge pipe can signal an impending clog. If a homeowner notices these signs when using the disposal, they should stop using it and call a plumber.

Plumbing Fixtures can be Cleaned With Hand Soap

Depending on the home’s plumbing fixtures, hand soap can damage the surface. For instance, brass fixtures should be cleaned with gentle cleansers such as banking soda. Toilet bowls should be cleaned with a good disinfectant containing bleach to kill germs.

Plumbing Fixtures are Low-Maintenance

Of the myths listed here, this one is the most dangerous. Homeowners who subscribe to this philosophy can often encounter serious issues such as clogs, tree root intrusions, and cracking home foundations. The home’s sewer cleanouts should be inspected at least once per year for obstructions to prevent the need for sewer line or pipe replacement by a Plumber in Reno from Paschallplus.com. By taking a proactive approach to maintaining plumbing, homeowners can avoid expensive repairs and big inconveniences.