6 Ways to Prepare for an Imaging Exam

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Health

If this is your first time to go in for an imaging exam in Orlando, knowing as much as you can about the procedure can help ease a lot any worries, anxieties and concerns you might have.

Read up in advance

The best way to prepare is to read up about the procedure well in advance. This should give an idea what will happen with the procedure.

Fast or go on a special diet

Depending on what type of exam you’ll undergo, you might need to prepare by fasting up to 24 hours before the procedure. That or you’ll need to go for a special. In some cases, though, you won’t have to mind any restrictions and can eat and drink normally, says Imaginis.

Know why

One of the things you’ll know before going in is the specific type of imaging tests that will be run. You’ll want to ask your doctor what the test is for. Since most doctors use these exams as a way to determine or diagnose your condition, ask what they’re looking for or trying to eliminate. That way, you’ll know what you’ll be up against, just in case.

Time it right

Ask about how long the procedure might take. That way, you’ll know if you could use your break hours or if you’ll need to take a day off. You’ll be able to plan and manage your schedule better if you know.

Know the risks

Don’t just listen to the benefits of the test. Make sure you know the risks as well before you go in for an imaging exam in Orlando. In case something happens, you’ll know if it’s normal, a possible side-effect or something else.

Let your doctor know

Are you pregnant? Allergic to anything? Ever had heart surgery? Let your doctor know, along with any other pertinent facts of your medical history.

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