5 Things to Know about Pipe Fittings

If you occasionally try your hand at plumbing repairs, you’re going to run into pipe fittings much, much sooner than later. Here are a few things you’ll want to know:

They useful for DIYers

If you do a bit of your own repairs, then pipe fittings must be a staple in your tool box. My Family Handyman provides a handy list of instructions that involve replacing damaged fittings with new ones.

There are plenty of different kinds

Pipe fittings are used to join pipes or change the direction of one. That’s why it’s available in a lot of shapes and sizes, to cater to any pipe or type of plumbing repair out there. Specialized ones are available as well.

The right brand counts for a lot

If you want something sturdy and reliable, go with well-known brands. Look for John Guest fittings distributors. Finding trustworthy distributors means you won’t end up substandard pipe fittings for your repairs.

You’ll need to know the signs

No matter how sturdy your pipe fittings are, you’ll need to replace them regularly to make sure connections between pipes remain tight and leak-free. That’s another reason to scout around for John Guest fittings distributors. If you’re already seeing signs you’ll need to replace those pipes, start looking for distributors early on. That way, you can put in an order for a new batch of pipe fittings and have them delivered to you as soon as possible.

You’ll want to factor in a lot

Before you choose your pipe fittings, though, keep a few considerations in mind: material, tubing, temperature and pressure. You’ll want fittings that are compatible with your pipes. Best to use ones made from the same material. You’ll also need to consider temperature and pressure conditions to pick fittings that can withstand maximum pressure ratings, among other things.