3 Reasons Why it Is Common to Find Water Softeners in Marion, IA Homes

On-site wells are common in Marion neighborhoods. They offer an affordable option to city utilities but often produce hard water. Some well water is nearly undrinkable, and even the best samples usually contain minerals that qualify it as hard water. That is why it is common to find Water Softeners in Marion IA homes. Softened water can extend the life of plumbing, make cleaning easier, and even affect water heaters and cooking.

Softened Water Heats Up Faster

Once residents install Water Softeners in Marion IA homes their water heats more quickly. According to a Virginia study, using soft water can increase the efficiency of electric water heaters by 22% and improve gas-powered models by 29%. Soft water will also decrease cooking time, which helps to improve the taste of some food. For example, vegetables cooked in soft water taste better than those prepared in slow-heating hard water that makes them tough.

Soft Water Is Kind to Plumbing and Appliances

Customers who want to protect plumbing often visit sites like  and visit a “learn more about us” area to research soft water tests. When technicians test water, which is a free service, they look for the calcium, iron and magnesium that identify hard water.

The problem with these minerals is that they build up in plumbing and cause malfunctions. They can also shorten the usable life of plumbing and leave stains. Softening water is good for plumbing and also makes appliances more efficient by saving them from the damaging effects of hard water residue. Technicians offer clients a range of softening or filtering options tailored to their needs.

Cleaning Is Easier With Soft Water

Homeowners also have softeners installed to solve cleaning problems. The same ingredients that cause plumbing problems can also leave a residue on skin, hair, and surfaces. Hard water makes it harder for soap to create suds. Once a softener is installed, skin and hair look better, clothes come out of the washer brighter, and customers need less soap for cleaning and showers.

A home water softener is used to remove elements that include magnesium, calcium, and iron. Softened water makes cleaning easier and heats more quickly than hard water. It also makes appliances more efficient and extends the life of plumbing.