5 Pieces of Dating Advice You’ll be Thankful For

Dating can be exciting and fun, but it can also be a drag. Sometimes, it may seem that for every one great date you go on, you’ll have about 20 failed ones. And even that great one might not always work out. If you’re feeling discouraged, you might want to try switching up your dating style. Here are some pieces of dating advice that might help you put a little more boost behind your search for a special someone:

1. Ask your friends
Though this is the most obvious, it’s not something you might often think about. After all, asking your friends “do you know anyone I could date?” sounds—let’s face it—awful. But that’s not the way to go about doing it, so put that embarrassing scenario out of your head. Instead, plan a night out or a party, and encourage all of your friends to bring along a single friend of theirs. You might not be the only one who winds up with a connection.

2. Go online
Online dating is so common nowadays, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed about it. If you haven’t gotten connected yet, sign up for accounts on a few different dating sites. It doesn’t hurt to try.

3. Put in the work
Technology has given us instant gratification in almost every area of life. Human relationships, however, just don’t work that way. If you’re getting discouraged because you don’t immediately click on every level with every date, you’re approaching it the wrong way. Relationships take time and work, and you’ve got to give things a chance to develop.

4. It’s not just about “where”
If you’re constantly looking for places to meet new people, you might want to ask yourself a different question. Instead of heading out to clubs and bars on the weekend, stop thinking about where you’re likely to meet someone, and think about how you’d actually like to meet someone. The answer to finding a connection might lie in enriching yourself first. Attending a class or a meet-up for a hobby you enjoy might bring about something unexpected.

5. Go for a professional
Lastly, a Boston dating coach or matchmaker can take the onus off of you when it comes to finding a date. They’ll use their skills to match you up with someone compatible, and all you’ve got to do is head off on your date.

No matter which approach you take, don’t let things get stale. And don’t give up; love doesn’t happen overnight, after all.