3 Things To Consider With Industrial Cooling Fans

Large industrial processing areas, particularly in manufacturing and fabricating industries, tend to be loud, chaotic working environments. Sometimes, different environmental control systems are put in place to try to provide lower noise levels, increased temperature control in the environment as well as overall better working conditions.

One of the top choices for many companies when it comes to managing the heat that this generated in these types of applications is the use of industrial cooling fans. These large sized fans are often used to direct air through or over specific areas of the building or specific equipment to attempt to alleviate some of the heat buildups in the surrounding areas.

Choosing industrial cooling fans that simply blow air is not efficient or effective, with only limited cooling ability. Adding misting or fogging systems to the fan creates the ability for the air to actually cool before it is blown through the building, dramatically reducing and maintaining the temperature at a low cost of operation.

Noise and Fan Efficiency

Regardless of the type of system selected, consider the noise level of the fan when in operation. Some of the large industrial fan systems are problematic in workplaces due to the amount of noise they generate when in operation. Foggers and misting systems are much less problematic and are extremely quiet during operation.

Cooling Possibilities

The addition of the flash evaporation process with industrial misting fans can cool the air instantly up to 40 degrees. This cool air is then blown over the equipment or work area, providing true cooling at a very low price.

Additional Benefits

Finally, when choosing industrial cooling fans, consider the additional benefits offered by the system. By choosing the fogging and misting systems, there will also be dust and odor control built into the system, which is not possible with a standard industry fan option.