3 Money-Saving Motorcycle Insurance Tips

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Insurance

Before purchasing a motorcycle, it is smart to get a good idea of how to save some money on insuring your brand new ride. Contrary to popular belief, insuring a motorcycle does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Check out these three effective money-saving Motorcycle Insurance Tips.

Training Courses

Enrolling in a training course will make you a safer rider. Beyond that, training courses can actually save loads of money on motorcycle insurance. A motorcycle course is perfect for beginner riders and those who have already had a couple accidents. These courses will teach basic operations, street strategies, and will allow for safe practice riding. Not only will you be learning, you also will be rewarded for your learning by receiving discounted insurance. Keep in mind that most insurance agencies will only give a discount for the course once every three years or so. Because of this, you will not be able to take a course annually and expect to receive a cheaper insurance rate.

Tailor Made Coverage

Before insuring a motorcycle, make sure the coverage received is tailor-made and personalized. For example, let the insurer know if you only plan to take your motorcycle out in the spring or summer for weekend joyriding. Considering the bike will be used infrequently, you will receive discounted rates. On the other hand, insurance rates may be a bit higher if there are plans to use the bike daily. Always let the insurer know your riding habits to receive the best rates. Also, keep in mind that basic comprehensive coverage can be used during winter months as the bike will probably not be used during the cold seasons. Visit Gilmartinagency.com to determine what their lay-up policies are during late fall and winter.

Associations Offer Benefits

Consider joining one of the many motorcycle organizations or associations that are offered in the United States. Joining one of these networks can end up saving about 10% on insurance costs. Some of the associations that qualify for discounted insurance include the American Motorcycle Association, Gold Wing Riders Association, Motorcycle Touring Association, Honda Riders Club of America, and Harley Owners Group.

These three money-saving Motorcycle Insurance Tips are just some of the cost-cutting options available. Take advantage of them and you can end up yielding big reductions on your premiums and rates. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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