3 Materials You Need for Effective Landscaping

Most people want a gorgeous front and backyard, and while some people would prefer to hire professionals to take care of the landscaping for them, many homeowners decide to do their landscaping themselves and just to get their materials from landscaping material suppliers in Troy, NY instead. The thing is to figure out what type of materials you need. Read on below for a few of the top materials you need for your landscaping to be effective.

Fertilizer and Top Soil

You would be surprised to finally realize just how much dirt you will need to complete your landscaping project. The top soil you have might need to have nutrients added to it and you might need more top soil as well. It is also possible that the top soil you have is going to have to be completely removed and resoiled. Either way you are going to need a lot of top soil.


Of course, you wouldn’t want to mess up your brand-new landscape by having cars parked on it, so you are going to need gravel to lay in the driveway to park cars on. It’s also a great fill that allows water to drain better as well.


When it comes to keeping your stonework steady, a bag or two of sand is very important. There are quite a few landscaping material suppliers in Troy, NY that can bring sand directly to your door for your landscaping project.

DIY landscaping can be done with a little help. For reputable landscaping material suppliers in Troy, NY, contact the professionals at Troy Sand & Gravel Inc for help.