Three Signs You Should Move into Student Apartments in West Lafayette, IN

Are you considering moving into one of the student apartments in West Lafayette, IN? This is a big decision and can be a great next step into independent adulthood. This is probably your first time moving into your apartment. Are you on the fence about it? If you are, take the leap and do it, especially if you are experiencing the following three signs.

1. Privacy – Are you feeling cramped in the dorms? This is common when you are sharing the equivalent of a studio apartment with another person and a bathroom with dozens of other people. The noise and distractions can be enough to drive even the most extroverted people insane. If it feels like the walls of your dorm room are closing in on you, move into one of the student apartments in West Lafayette, IN.

2. Your Grades Are Slipping – One side effect that is caused by the distractions and lack of privacy of the dorms is failing grades. If you are losing sleep and study time and see your grades cascading into dangerous territory, consider moving off of campus right away.

3. Losing Money – Have you ever actually looked at your bill? You may be surprised at how much of your cost comes from room and board each year at school. This doesn’t even include the pricey mandatory meal plan that you might not even want. If you want to save money, get an apartment.

Consider moving into one of the apartments at Lark West Lafayette if you are experiencing any of these signs. You can learn about all they have to offer on their website at