Zinc-Nickel Plating: Corrosion Protection And More

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Metal

Zinc-nickel plating allows industries a variety of benefits. This accounts for the slow but definite expansion of its customer base. In fact, according to recent and ongoing research, this type of coating provides a variety of industries with certain advantages over other processes. With an increase in regulatory strictures on product quality, longevity, structural capabilities and environmental impact, zinc-nick electroplating may just be the go-to coating in the coming decades.

Basic Benefits

Automotive, agricultural and construction manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages a zinc-nickel coating provides. Research indicates it tends to exceed the protective qualities of other coatings in 3 specific ways:

1. Corrosion Protection: It provides protection across the entire substrate surface in a single, uniform layer. This includes the covering of recessed sections in even the most complex shapes (throwing power). It removes concerns for parts with recessed areas and blind holes

2. Wear Resistance: By applying a thin-film hard zinc-nickel coating, not only is the finish smooth, but also the result is improved corrosion resistance. The smooth surface of the plated metal reduces friction. In turn, this decreases the instances of corrosion and abrasion occurring – particularly in moving components

3. Thermal Stress Reduction: This is apt for components operating in high-temperature environment to parts. As a result, it is ideal for the components of the smaller automotive engines operating at higher temperatures in a confined space. Zinc-nickel electroplating is effective for thermal stresses in temperatures ranging as high as 392°F

Moreover, for those who work with it, zinc-nickel plating is safer than many other options with no risk of exposure to a carcinogenic.

Zinc-Nickel Electroplating

Zinc-nickel plating is increasing in popularity. As industries discover its capabilities to provide protection against corrosive elements, they are employing it more frequently. As regulatory agencies continue to increase demands and specifications for the use, characteristics, and conditions of various facets of production, more industries will consider the benefits of zinc-nickel electroplating.

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