Your Truck Tire: Five Basic Types

No matter what type of truck you drive, you need the right tires. However, truck tires are not a homogenous entity. They vary as much as those that drive the trucks. You need to be able to assess the different types before purchasing replacements or upgrading your tires. This simple guide will introduce you to five basic truck tire types available at reliable San Antonio tire centers.

Basic Types of Truck Tires

Trucks come in different sizes and models. They may be a pick-up truck, SUV or commercial vehicle. Each will require a tire that suits the vehicle specifications, the model, usage, and the environment. Below is a list of basic truck tire types.

  • All-Terrain: These durable tires feature multiple tread patterns and are good for all types of terrain.
  • Highway Use: Such a tire recommends itself for all seasons – except heavy winters.
  • Off-Road: If you plan to drive off-road in San Antonio, or are operating in a challenging environment, these tires can handle it. They come with an aggressive tread pattern.
  • Performance: Those looking for advanced truck tires can choose this type. They perform better at higher speeds, deliver better braking and can manage a wide variety of road conditions.
  • Utility: This is a practical tire suitable for conditions where snow, mud and off-road driving, are common. The staggered tread pattern of these tires offers advanced traction for these types of conditions.

While looking at these basic types of truck tires, make sure you also consider such factors as load rating and tire pressure.

Choosing the Right Truck Tire

Always employ a tire that meets the specifications of your model. Consider the different types of truck tires available. Compare the options with what your vehicle manual suggests. Factor in the weather in San Antonio and other environmental conditions together with load rating. For help in choosing the best truck tire possible, always confirm your choices by talking to a professional.