Your Guide to Custom Machining Services Available in Hortonville, WI

Custom machining services can produce a wide variety of products. By utilizing custom machinery, prototypes and production runs are more accessible than ever. A full machining facility implements many of the following techniques.

3D Milling

CNC machines combine several machining techniques to create state-of-the-art machines. With a computer-controlled operator, engineering designs turn into real-life products in moments. The machine can rotate parts in multiple axes while shaping them.


If you’re designing something with holes, a boring machine may be necessary. You can use them to create holes for fasteners, scores, and bolts. So, they’re great machines to use while creating multi-part products.

First, a smaller hole is made using a drilling machine. Then, it’s enlarged using a boring machine. Starting with a small hole makes it easier to control the final one’s diameter.


Once you’ve cut a cross-section, sometimes, you have to drill holes into them. Specialty drill bits deliver precise cuts, minimizing mistakes. After mounting a cross-section to the drill’s table, the bit drives into it using a circular motion.

This separates chunks of the cross-section’s surface, creating a small hole. By swapping drill bits, controlling the hole’s diameter is relatively straightforward, too.


Using a lathe, it’s possible to shape materials on a rotating mount. The workpiece moves while the cutting tool remains stationary. If you’ve seen a boring machine, they also make use of lathes. If you’re creating a bowl, then a turning machine would be useful.