Your Guide to Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Are you searching for a local HVAC contractor? The search can seem like an endless one, especially if you live in one of America’s larger cities. With so many HVAC professionals to choose from, who do you call? Here’s your guide to finding the right Portland HVAC contractors for the job:

Let Me See Your License

Did you know that in many states, applicants for a professional HVAC contracting license must present proof of two to five years minimum experience in the field? This means that if your contractors are licensed, they’re guaranteed to be experienced, too. Ask to see licensure up front – and be sure to check your state’s requirements for obtaining that license. There are also many websites and online tools that provide information about contractors and their credentials, so don’t be afraid to put these to work for you.

Are You Covered?

While most reputable HVAC contracting companies carry full-coverage insurance that protects the client from any damages that may occur as a result of their actions, it’s still a good idea to inquire about your provider’s insurance coverage.

Estimates? Availability?

Ask about estimates and availability up front when talking to your provider. You may find that their prices are quite attractive – but their availability is not. Likewise, you may find that they are a bit pricier than their competition, but are known for providing excellent and speedy service. Getting an estimate up front can get the ball rolling on choosing the right provider.

Give Me (All) Your References

Many people feel strange about contacting references or asking for referrals, but in the business of contracting this is an expected practice. One of the best advertisements an independent contractor has is the testimony of past clients. Talk to satisfied customers – or dissatisfied clients – and get the real scoop on how people felt. Look beyond a contractor’s curated portfolio and browse all customer feedback. You’ll soon know if they’re the right HVAC company for the job!