Your Filing Process Will Be Easier With the SSI Law Attorneys in Jefferson County MO

Filing for Social Security disability is a multi-step process that is not always easy. One can apply by phone, online, or in person and be able to provide information on their disability. When one files, they will be required to sign a release form which allows the department to pull all medical records for the one filing so they can determine whether or not they will be eligible. Working with the SSI law attorneys in Jefferson County MO will allow applicants help and guidance in the process so they can avoid unnecessary delays.

There are many documents that will need to be provided to the department when one is filing for Social Security Disability. An attorney can help a client gather all of the necessary documents so they will be provided as requested. According to the Social Security Administration, one of the biggest reasons for delays and denials is a failure to provide the requested documents and information in a timely manner.

Attorneys work to make sure all paperwork is correctly filed and all documents are provided. If the department comes back with a denial of benefits, the attorney can help their client through the appeals process which involves two steps.

The first appeal is a simple request for the review department to take a look at the application and determine whether or not the benefits should be awarded. While in most cases the review comes back with the same denial, some applicants are able to get approval at this stage. If not, the attorney can help with the appeal hearing that will take place before an administrative law judge.

It is especially important for an applicant to be represented by an attorney if they must go through an appeal hearing. These hearings require the applicant to provide all of the medical records and documents the judge will need, for making a determination on whether benefits will be approved or denied.

If you are concerned about going through the process of filing for SSI, it is important you contact the SSI Law Attorneys in Jefferson County MO. Schedule an appointment right away so you can be sure the process will go as smoothly as possible.