Your Dream Kitchen Does Not Have to Break the Bank when You Remodel

One of the main reasons a homeowner puts off remodeling their kitchen is the expensive price tag that comes with the renovation. Whether they want to renovate the room to fit their specific style or want to update an older kitchen with today’s modern features, renovating the room may not fit within their budget. However, a kitchen remodel in Atlanta area does not have to be a financially challenging for the homeowner when there are alternate solutions available.

Refresh by Refacing Your Cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets is the process used to provide the old cabinetry with a new look. A professional can remove all the old hardware, drawer fronts, drawers, and doors of the cabinets. They will then start the process of refacing the framework of the cabinets with a high-grade veneer. This veneer is a shaved piece of wood material that is applied to the wooden cabinets to provide a new look. Once this step is completed, the cabinets can be fitted with new fixtures, drawers, and doors to alter the appearance of the kitchen. This eliminates the need to demolish the kitchen cabinets and saves the homeowner money by using the current cabinetry in the home.

An Eco-Friendly and Affordable Option

By reusing the existing cabinets, it helps lower the cost of a kitchen remodel in Atlantic and provides an eco-friendlier option for the homeowner. Why should you let your dream kitchen just be a fantasy when it can become a reality with Cabinet Transformations? They offer each client a solution that fits their budget while still achieving the goal of obtaining their dream kitchen. With refacing and new appliances, a homeowner can acquire the kitchen they have always wanted to own.