You Don’t Have to Deal with the Frustration of Living in a Small Dorm

It is common for new university students to decide to live in a dorm. It seems like the most convenient option, so they don’t think about anything else. However, it is not long after living in the dorm that they realize how frustrating the experience can be.

You don’t have to go through that frustration. If you choose off-campus housing at Virginia Tech, you won’t feel controlled by a long list of rules to follow or annoyed with having little space and privacy. You will enjoy the freedom from living off-campus and the benefits of having plenty of room to move around and store all your belongings.

Dorms don’t come with many amenities. However, off-campus housing at Virginia Tech is specifically designed to meet the needs of students. The apartments are completely furnished. They have hardwood-style flooring, single bedrooms, and a patio or balcony. You can wash your clothing whenever it is convenient for you. Some apartments even have a fireplace, which you can enjoy on a cold winter’s night. Also, you can enjoy high-speed internet that is included with the rent.

Community features also make the lives of students easier. There are sand volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts. You can hop in the pool or head to the fitness center whenever you would like. There are also community clubhouses where you can play games or study.

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