Wow your party guests with fun cake pops

Cake pops are one of the most fun inventions to hit the baking world. Seriously, there’s not much that’s better than tiny balls of edible cake that have been beautifully decorated. These make great presentation treats and are a wonderful addition for any type of party. If it is an adult party, you can make marbleized cake pops for a more grown up look or choose fun farm animals for a kid’s birthday party. The sky’s the limit on your imagination when it comes to making fun and tasty cake pops for your next event.

Making the cake pops

Making the actual cake pops requires that you purchase a cake pop pan. You can find this pan at your local bakery supply store or from an online bakery equipment supplier. Depending on how many cake pops you will be making, you can purchase as many cake pop pans as needed. These pans should be high quality and made of aluminum so that they can last for many years and withstand high temperatures.

Mixing your cake batter

Once you have purchased your cake pop pan, the next step is to mix together the cake batter that you will use for your cake pops. There are many different recipes for cake that you can use however a thick dense cake mix is ideal for holding up the cake sticks and all of the fondant and designs that will go on top.

Designing your cake pops

Once the cake pops have baked up into perfect little balls, the next step will be to design and decorate these balls of fun. Make sure to remove them carefully from the cake pop pan so that they don’t fall apart. Have fun decorating your freshly baked cake pops into any design you choose!

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