Workers Compensation Law Following 2011

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Workers compensation is a tool through which workers who are injured on the job have some form of recompense for the damages they suffer. In Illinois, Elgin employees are currently facing an unsettled situation regarding the Workers Compensation Act. The last changes, according to the average Workers’ Compensation lawyer altered the system in a manner that was not favorable to employees. This is the Workers Compensation Act of 2011.

The Workers’ Compensation Act of 2011

In 2011, Illinois State Senate Bill 3287 (SB 3287) amended the then current Workers’ Compensation Act. In addition to several minor alterations, the new Act provided companies and employers with an out from litigation from injured employees. The bill stated that an employee could not sue his or her employer for negligence. As long as the company paid into Workers’ Comp, it was not liable.

Other actions have made it necessary to hire a Workers Compensation lawyer. It appears to be the only way for an employee to understand even the most basic of rights. Among the changes made to the Act were:

  • Reduction in fee schedule for medical providers by approximately 30 percent
  • Restriction on who the employee can choose as a medical provider
  • Partial disability is to be determined according to the AMA guidelines. They will be utilized to define such things as loss of both strength and range of motion as well as mass reduction or atrophy of muscles and tissues
  • If an employee in an Illinois community such as Elgin suffers from an injury to his or her hand, instead of the previous 205 weeks off, he or she has only up to 190
  • A change in the wage differential that negatively impacts the wage earning of injured employees

The result has not been a better system. The number of accidents has not decreased. The claims have decreased however, because a smaller group of injured employers feel incapable of taking on their employer, Workers Compensation and the insurance companies. Others in places such as Elgin and Urbana may venture to claim benefits, but they are faced with what seem insurmountable barricades for them successfully doing so. The number could further increase under the current political climate in Illinois if further changes are allowed to go ahead.

See a Workers Compensation Lawyer

If the system appears weighted against you, the employee, there is only one option. You need to seek expert advice. To be successful in your action, to obtain the benefits you deserve, the best option is to hire a professional, experienced Workers Compensation lawyer.

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