Work Completed by Roof Installers in St. Charles, MO Ends Anxiety About Rain

Choosing roof installers in St. Charles MO can seem like a daunting task, especially if the homeowner is new to the area and doesn’t really know anyone yet. The house is a bit of a fixer-upper, and documentation disclosed that roof replacement would be needed relatively soon. The new owner wants to find a reputable contractor known for superb work.

New Installation

Most shingled roofs are replaced within about 20 years. In some cases, the homeowner may be able to have a second layer of shingles installed over the first. However, roof installers in St. Charles MO generally recommend having the old materials removed and an entirely new roof installed. Usually, the second-layer option is only done if the customer is in a serious budget crunch since this strategy is more affordable.


Usually, the first sign of roof problems is evidence of a leak that shows up on a ceiling or wall. The leak might be repaired, but if the roof is two decades old, other problems are likely to develop fairly soon. In the meantime, structural damage to the decking under the shingles can occur. That will require replacing the wood in addition to the shingles. More water damage also can happen in the house, sometimes in places nobody is looking.

Hiring a Professional

Even when a new homeowner plans to complete much of the fixer-upper work as do-it-yourself projects, roofing generally is not in this person’s skill set. An experienced crew can get the work completed relatively quickly and safely. A reputable contractor guarantees labor for a certain length of time as well. If a problem develops within that time, the contractor will return and repair the issue at no additional cost to the homeowner.

Ending Anxiety

With the work completed by a contractor such as Affordable Exteriors, the new homeowner now can relax and not worry when rain is in the forecast. Seeing water stains appear and spread on ceilings is an alarming occurrence. Watching rainwater cascade down an interior wall is even worse. Instead of being viewed as a welcome event for freshening up the grass and other plants, rain becomes an anxiety-provoking experience. Visit to get started.