Wood is the Beautiful and Sophisticated Choice for Acoustical Tiles

If you think that all acoustical ceiling and wall tiles are made of foam, fiberglass, or mineral fiber, you’d be wrong. These unattractive materials are becoming a thing of the past, as more modern and stylish options become available. For example, wooden acoustical tiles come in many forms, combining high-tech performance with the timeless beauty of wood. You can find wooden acoustical tile in concert halls, lecture halls, and other venues across the country.

Rather than using materials like foam or fiber to deaden the sound, wooden acoustical tiles use a system of hollow chambers to attenuate sound. These chambers are sometimes simple drilled patterns, while other configurations involve more complexity. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, such as effectiveness and cost.

These acoustical tiles and panels can be built from solid hardwoods or composite covered with a wood veneer. The range of options is quite wide, and the wood can be finished in tones ranging from pale ash to deep ebony.

While they are more expensive than ordinary acoustical tile, the pay-off comes in presenting a sophisticated face to the world. Whether you are operating a college lecture hall or a restaurant, the ambiance created by real wood is unparalleled. It feels both intimate and sophisticated, for an environment that fosters conversation and thoughtfulness. If you want your environment to be quiet while having your speakers and musicians herd, choose wood.

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