Window Repair in Colorado Springs Can Prevent a Need for Replacement

Windows that don’t open and close properly may not need replacement. Instead, homeowners should see whether Window Repair in Colorado Springs will fix the problem unless they already want to have a different window installed. A casement window, for instance, may eventually develop a malfunctioning crank that can be replaced while leaving the rest of the window as is.

People generally understand that exterior wood frames require some maintenance, such as staining or painting, or they will begin deteriorating and rotting. Some homeowners avoid having wood exterior frames for that reason alone. Even if the frames have been neglected and have soft spots, Window Repair in Colorado Springs may be able to resolve the problem effectively. Holes can be filled with liquid epoxy, and the frames can then be painted. Even if this doesn’t completely fix the issue, it can buy time and prevent further deterioration. Painting solves most of the cosmetic problem, and homeowners can wait for a year or two to decide on window replacement.

Contractors that do window repair also can fix problems with vinyl and metal frames. Gaskets may need resealing, and cracks and holes may need caulking with a substance that matches the color so the repair work won’t be detectable. In some cases, the previous homeowner stapled or nailed something to the exterior vinyl frame that left holes. Another task involves restoring loose frames to their original tightness.

All these projects may provide extra energy efficiency by eliminating drafts and leaks. Resolving those issues also tends to make a house more comfortable on cold, windy days. Homeowners can obtain estimates on any of these projects from a company such as Peakview Windows and Siding. Contact information is available for this particular organization at the website

Homeowners will want to do some research on the price of window replacement for their problem windows before they sign an agreement with any repair contractor. If the repair estimate is high enough, then window replacement makes more sense. The new features will probably significantly more energy efficient than the old ones, and the homeowner may have the chance to choose a different style or frame color.

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