Why Your Wrigleyville Dentist Wants You to Get Dental Implants

A missing tooth can create more problems than you may realize, but filling gaps with dental implants in Wrigleyville can help solve most of those problems. An implant is an artificial replacement that is inserted into the gap and fastened to the bone to create an anchoring effect. It essentially mimics the natural tooth, providing the following benefits.

Keep Your Teeth Straight

Once you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift to try to fill the gap that it leaves behind. As a result, all of your teeth will shift and leave you with a crooked smile. The implant prevents this from happening by replacing the missing tooth and eliminating the gap.

Protect Against Gum Disease

The open gap that a missing tooth leaves behind will expose the gum tissue to bacteria. As you eat, that bacteria is multiplied and you may even end up exposing the opening to food particles that can increase the risks of infection. For this reason, it’s important to receive a dental implant as quickly as possible.

Protect Bone Health

When you lose a tooth or have it extracted, the bone that held the tooth in place will start to degrade. Receiving dental implants in Wrigleyville can avoid that process by giving the bone something to grasp. However, if you wait too long and you do experience bone loss, your oral surgeon may need to graft new bone to the area to give the implant a firm setting.

If you have a missing or broken tooth, Northalsted Dental Spa can talk to you about restoring your smile with the help of dental implants in Wrigleyville, when you schedule an appointment by visiting their website today.